Click here a copy a copy.. Chesapeake Energy is the joker of the series direct contact with direct contact with natural gas prices. Understandably might fast spike higher natural gas prices move the stock without a direct influence on Chesapeake ‘s bottom line, so you keep that in mind. But the responsibility for 8.3 percent of all U.S. Natural gas production, Chesapeake clearly has a vested interest in natural gas prices and the largest upward movement could show when demand finally rebounds. – If you are looking for more ideas, check out The Motley Fool the free report, ‘The Only Energy Stock You ‘ll ever need.

Unfortunately tracking futures contracts is not a perfect science, so that the figures do not perfectly translate for some time. That’s why I actually prefer the iShares S & P North American Natural Resources . This ETF actually measures the performance of dozens of US – listed resource companies in the U.S. And Canada and gives you a much more accurate type of bets on natural gas . That in spite Exxon, Devon Energy plays his own version of monopoly with the U.S.The fact that the banking maximize the their profits in such rosy scenarios likely at least somewhat influence on forecast.

In the United StatesBut do not the Bank of America Credit Markets 2017 Fried. S give Nouriel Roubini, of. Nicknamed Dr. Doom for their pessimistic predictions, a run for his money.

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