Chipworks has one leg to point out that this is only one unit and that Apple probably dual-source these chips from Sony and OmniVision. But the fact remains that OmniVision former stranglehold on this product line has been broken. Say hello to Sony to find out the second company, backside illumination backside illumination camera chips with performance and cost acceptable to Apple.

This shoots big holes in my own investment thesis for OmniVision, which means that the company stands alone occupies in the BSI market. But the salad days are over. Real-money with the other kids to share. My real-money synthetic long on OmniVision is now suffering.Growing to the oil market , growth worry moved Brent in one hundred and fourteen U.S. Dollars barrel on Wednesday, and U.S. Crude futures improved slightly by 0.3 % to 95, the Governing bonds-buying Schedule has welcome you, but you can not hope that there hope it corrects engine Europe needs to structural changes in, ‘said Manish Singh at the transversal bridge Capital in a note. The current quarter probably sliding back into recession the current quarter, according to corporate surveys , which have also shown Asian services sector growth remained muted of August the global economy receive get his footing.

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