After market close, Walmex first quarter earnings missed analysts’ expectations. Executives on a pre-recorded phone call not to mention the bribery probe.Walmex said Monday that he does not believe the allegations will hurt his business.Others are saying the stock actually buying opportunity buying opportunity, since Wal-Mart stock had to trade near a 52-week high on optimism about the recovery of the U.S. Economy. Options market activity also suggested a bullish bias on Wal-Mart stock.

Walmex was an extremely ethical company. It was a safe haven for investors, he added, noting that the stock highs reached two weeks ago.. Two Democratic U.S. Lawmakers, Elijah Cummings and Henry Waxman, that they starts an investigation into the matter and sent a letter to the Duke for a meeting. – In a memo titled Integrity of Wal-Mart employees on Monday, Herzog said the company takes FCPA compliance with very seriously, and we will not tolerate anywhere or at any level of the company. The message included a link to Wal-Mart’s Global Ethics Office website and telephone hotline. This investigation shocked investors , Gerardo Roman, Head of Trading said in Mexico City brokerage Actinver.Wallstreet business model is built to transmit the risk, says Moynihan. In the decades before the crisis, but investment banks bloomed by producing hazard.

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