The survey offers a look at the trends as crucial for Facebook future a time when the company has over a tough reception on Wall Street. Therefore, they havereporting by Gerry Shih, cut Edwin Chan and Paul Tait).

– We think we see people who recognize the payment holidays from their mortgages, the banks are not in a position to them them, said Mackay.

Gulliver said the decision would not take place in this month board meeting, and would likely be taken in the next year to 18 months, it would only consider pull the holding abroad, and the retail bank would ‘always ‘be based in the UK.. The bank slashed its holdings of sovereign debt from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain to $ 5 until the end of September from $ 8.2 billion three months earlier.This Facebook is the most private dispute over the top? I asked this question to David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Share Effect. – spite of the fact that people a lot of a lot of things that they very good very well , especially in the media, says Kirkpatrick, I do not believe that it is wrong to requires to increase the flags and a lot of difficult questions about how Facebook Share attacks our information I think Facebook blew it serious with their April ‘ F8 ‘[Developer Meeting] event in the way it unveiled a number by new changes to their software.

‘tell explain what consequences did to the user, ‘says Kirkpatrick, ‘since she believe only of how geeks for developers Oh, this is for the developers ‘ And in fact there was nothing F8 for users, not at all. And this was a large error from a communication view. ‘. The issues of privacy move order to them an indefinite period, as we have so much data, says Kirkpatrick.

For users Want Facebook Privacy Issues unlimited size ‘ Havespite of recent excitement around Facebooks privacy policies, users continue to to the site out of millions flocking. In May, a indeed most strongest months of, according to comScore.