Ohio: No Republican has won the White House without Ohio won. Obama campaign understood, and it covers the state early with blistering ads against Romney, who went largely unchallenged and unanswered. For 10 days.: Romney favorability in Ohio was one of the lowest of all the swing states, and that is why he is tied with Obama nationally but still behind in Ohio.

Others show a broader distribution. If the voter turnout in Philadelphia is down, it’s a bad omen for Obama. Realistically, we expect be closer than usual, but we both give the edge to Obama. If it’s a surprise on election night, this may sein.30 clock: Arkansas.

Nevada. At first glance Obama should be at a serious disadvantage in this battleground state whose economy is still suffering. But Romney has failed to make his horrible one Latino voters to overcome, and the GOP get – out-the – vote efforts of government are notoriously weak.Some managers of even preparation for the possibility of of other countries have to leave the euro zone.

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