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Many said they took their advisors had a lower risk tolerance than they really, or that their advisors focused on short-term results and neglected. Their long-term goals, which often include the time to care for a child or a parent.

This perceived discrepancy in operating arose from several major disconnects in the relationship and communication between women and their financial advisor. Manisha Thakor, CFA and women financial literacy advocate, has some savvy female investors can take steps prevent prevent under-served by their asset managers and investment advisors:.. Women live longer, make less and found the BCG study, tend to have their financial priorities rearranged by a life event, such as the birth, divorce or the death of a spouse.He comes from Pension First where he had assistant vice president of marketing.The following financial services industry appointments and departures were said on Monday. To to inform us of the other job changes, send an email.

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