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Some analysts estimate that compensation claims could be anywhere between $ 20 billion and depending on how 130,000, depending on how long the crisis lasts.Although relieved that the worst may have been have been averted, investors sold utility stocks, with the prospect of the government uncertain hands-on role in the execution sector.. The Government will pass a new law in parliament to implement the plan and analysts said the opposition, however, criticism of the scheme, it is difficult to block it.

In hindsight says.Yahoo has been Marissa Mayer, a longtime Google executive called as the new CEO.Mayer said in a statement, after hours trading has for bringing throughout the world to the cooperation with the company s staff dedicated products, content and personal experiences to users and advertisers.

Sees such notable attractive the former Googlers finally come to our senses and been dropped Google.

Mayer was previously responsible for Local, Maps and Lcation Services at Google, has approved like Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View and Zagat for desktop and mobile. She joined Google in 1999 as a its 20th Employees. She helped launch of view more than 100 functions and products including image, directory and product Find, toolbar, iGoogle, Google News and Gmail.