As Wall Street won just before the start of the corporate earnings season slipped slipped in Europe. A warning by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy that Greece does not get more aid until it agrees to a debt swap with creditor banks put a new fear factor in the European debt crisis.

Sale to purchasers of bills pay pay the German government keep their money keep their money, this week, interest. The Dow Jones industrial average ended up 32.77 points or 0.27 DJI % to 12, the 500th 500th SPX closed 2.89 points or 0.23 % to 1, The Nasdaq Composite Index. IXIC finished 2.34 points or 0.09 % higher at 2.

U.S. February gold futures for February delivery settled $ 5.89 an ounce at $ 1, the volume of trade was essentially in line with its 30 – day average.. However, other simultaneous debt and austerity measures to cause inconvenience to the euro, Ponticos said at Pareto Investment.In a sign of investor unease, Germany sold 3.9 billion euros in six – month treasury bills with a negative return – has happened for the first time at an auction the. Continue reading

I am often approached with questions from taxpayers, a for tax purposes burden should feel deductible, because the person that they pay fully tax on the receiving end? a major customer Golombek is the managing director, tax and estate planning at CIBC Private Wealth Management in Toronto.

Also common are questions if they are different to the tax treatment of spousal support and child support , each of which is treated under the Income Tax Act.A divorced tax case on this topic, in which a pair of Ontario had, was decided this month. Continue reading

We suffer with mixed feelings on Motley Fool Rule Breakers today On the one side is Zipcar off more than 10 percent at a weaker than expected. But on the other view, Rackspace Hosting . Almost as much rallying to a very strong fourth quarter report.

We looked through months of research to represent our complete guide to what will be a Grexit for Greece and the euro area as a whole, to compile. Continue reading